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Why Should I Swtitch My Email From Hotmail To Gmail?

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So many people i know have done so. But why? I need a new email address and am wondering what perks Gmail offers me over Hotmail?


I've been using Hotmail since the late 90's and have a few other accounts i use that i can link a new account to for easier use. I'm also of course more used to hotmail than gmail. So why should i still switch?


Things i'm concerned about:


- With Gmail, does your account get frozen and old emails deleted if you dont sign in to your account for a prolonged period? (Hotmail i believe freezes your account after 270 days and deletes it after 365 days of inactivity).


- if i send out an email to multiple people, i can hide the names so the others wont see who else i'm sending it too. I like this and have never seen hotmail have this.


- attachment size. I beleive Hotmail is 10mb max, while gmail is 25mb max. correct?


Any other Gmail perks/features?

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Personally, I find less spam ends up in my inbox and I love it. I'm deleting an average of 5-10 spams in my Hotmail inbox every day, which is a lot better than it used to be, but is still annoying. With Gmail I might get one spam message a week, if that. Integration with GChat (?) is a nice touch, as anyone in your address book is automatically added. It's a nice bare-bones fix if I happen to catch someone online and I can chat with them instead of emailing back and forth.


I haven't bothered with Google Wave or Buzz, both are practically useless to be since I don't know enough people using Gmail to be bothered using it. Aesthetically I also find it much more agreeable than the Hotmail layout that has barely changed since I first registered in grade 6.


And yes, the attachment limit is 25 MB. Joined yet? ;)

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I will also be using this account primarily for work. Does a Gmail account look more professional than a Hotmail account? seems silly as they are similar services, but just wondering since many of my friends have switched from gmail to hotmail over the years and now use their full name for their address so i assume they changed it at least partly for work.

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I'd say gmail with your full name looks a little more professional. I use my university email account for the same thing.


The feature to send to multiple people without everybody getting the CC list is usually BCC, I am pretty sure that gmail supports it.


Last time I checked you could only get at hotmail through their web interface. gmail will let you connect via imap, so you can hook it up to your favourite email app.

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Gmail definitely looks more professional.


BCC should be available in pretty much every email program.


I haven't used Hotmail in years but I've very pleased with Gmail, plus the chat is a nice touch as it's stable and not annoying like Facebook's.

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The gmail client really is exceptional.  You effectively have unlimited storage space (I've had mine for... 10 years and it's only 22% full.  Mostly with spam, haha).  Filters well, etc...

Plus you get access to the other google products, Google docs, Google drive, etc...  Totally worth it.

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