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Ufc/mma - Any Fans?

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I just watched The Expendables, and Randy Couture's in it. Does that count?


Seriously though, I used to watch UFC all the time, about 5-6 years ago, would get together with the boys and get the PPVs, but I dunno, I'm kind of over it. It almost seems like the fights aren't as good now. I miss the crazy matches that are over in one blow.


UFC is where I learned words like "pankration". lol

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What are people's thoughts of Brock Lesnar? unstoppable or over hyped? After what he did to Frank Mir in the second fight (first time I ever saw a man get raped) I think he is pretty unstoppable.

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can't stand brock lesnar. i don't care if he is the terminator. i want to see bad things happen to him. i think he is a combination of hype and clever opponent selection. listen, you put brock lesnar on a card and everyone buys it tp see him get hurt. the more he fights, the better off the ufc is. he is very well orchestrated to be the villain.

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i think he is a combination of hype and clever opponent selection.


I dunno man, his last fight was against a 265lbs guy who was 12-0 going into the fight and who almost knocked Brock out in the 1st round. Who exactly is out there that Brock should be fighting that he isn't?


Brock is a monster. He has crazy strength, quickness, size, and wrestling skills. The scary thing is that he will just keep getting better as he learns more & more about Jiu-Jitsu and ground-control.

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