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imagine being forced to watch that at 2 in the morning...in spanish

make me






on a side note watching soccer (I guess you call it football) in Spanish is really fucking funny, esp. when you don't speak spanish.)

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it is...there have been some swell imports overtime...have you seen them all? can you honestly name the best with the information you have seen? isnt it feasible a much better movie is in the make that will destroy hero?




heh im such an ass

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*supresses chuckle*


Of course I haven't seen all the imports (but my guess is that you haven't either) and I know for a fact that I see more than the average person. But (just for starters, off the top of my head) some great foreign language import movies: City of God, Bicycle Thief, Battleship Potempkin, M, Raise the Red lantern, Blue White Red, Un Chien Andalou, Run Lola Run, Jules et Jim, Amores Perros, Habla Con Ella, Amelie, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Read My Lips, Man On The Train, I'm Not Scared (shall I continue, I got more...) Not to mention all of the English language foreign films.

Now, I might be willing to put this one up in the most amazing cinematography of a import film category, but not the best over-all film.

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*bows down to sammy's supperior movie knowledge*


(you will always bee "Sammy Spade Movie Coneisure" to me)


remind me to ask you movie questions in the future

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