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Halo Reach: Anybody Buying This Game?

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I am, got it pre-ordered. This and Halo 3 are the only games i've ever pre-ordered.


Played the series since the original on me old Xbox. Thought it was good nothing super amazing. Decided on a whim to get Halo 2 when it came out and fell in love with the online multiplayer. Played literally thousands of hours of that game with friends online over a few years...until i finally got sick of it. Picked up Halo 3 and enjoyed the campaign & epic story, and while the multiplayer was improved i was just too sick of Halo online to get addicted to it.


ODST was pretty good too, i hope they improve Firefight mode for Reach and make it as fun as the similar Gears of War 2 gametype.


Looking forward to the Reach story campaign. Last hurrah for Bungie, should be pretty cool. Glad i get to shoot a lot of Elites again, thems is badass. All new maps for online & some tweaks cant be a bad thing either.

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i will buy it eventually. probably after everyone is way better than i am. i bought halo 3 like 4 years after its release and i still haven't caught up. i gave up on odst within 2 weeks of buying it but recently finished it. it was alright but i never liked it from the start so i had a hard time getting into it. reach multiplayer should keep me busy for a few more years.

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I've got it. The last Halo I played was Halo 2 and it was fun while it lasted. Never been a huge fan of halo (too much aim assist, picking up guns instead of starting with them etc) but it'll hold me over until something new comes out.




Stabbing people is kinda neat.


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Campaign started out kinda cool but overall found it "meh". Feels like a rehash of the other games. The story was also so-so, it certainly wasn't as epic as the other Halo's & characterization of the crew you're fighting with was crap, they didn't focus on them at all or flesh them out. And like Halo 3, the campaign was pretty short.


The spaceship level was awesome though.


Multiplayer is meh, just more of the same. The DMR is a piece of crap compared to the Battle Rifle from the other Halos, and virtually all the new maps are garbage. Ridiculas when the best ones are remakes.


Forge is awesome though, ive downloaded some amazing maps people have made. People have recreated almost every map from Halo 2 using Forge and some of them are extremely accurate.

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