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What's Up With Stephen Harper?

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still new to Canada, have discovered the party for me, "NDP"

closest to where I'm at.

now, Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister.....brought him up to a friend, her, and her boyfriend/fiance both expressed there distaste for him.


so what's up with him?

do you like him?

should I dislike him too?


thank you, carry on.

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why dont you do a little research on him, what his policies are, what he is tried to for this country, what he done for his country, how he has acted as both a member of the opposition and as Prime Minister and come up with your own conclusion? Or do you just want to get your opinion from what other people think of him?


For example, I could say he is the next George W. Bush, and that might make you not like him. Or I could say he is the greatest thing since... slice bread, and you might like that.



go do some research and find out for yourself .

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Hating the PM is a Canadian tradition, but Garsk is right. Draw your own conclusions....all you're likely to find is a pandering public message and a poorly hidden agenda no matter which recent PM you look at. Harper's on the right (heh, right) side for the gun registry issue, but for the wrong reasons. The people who fight to keep it are frightened and ignorant, and the people who push for it's demise range from frugal to disturbingly national socialist. He just thinks it'll help him get a majority.

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still new to Canada, have discovered the party for me, "NDP"


be prepared to be disappointed.


Here's a hint, all the Canadian parties & their leaders suck, though some more than others. It's yours and every Canadian's (are you even a Canadian yet & have voting rights? Doubt it.) job to figure out which party/leader sucks the least then vote accordingly.


And some may argue that most all politicians in all nations suck. Well maybe so, but the bunch of Canadian quacks in leadership power right now for their respective parties are an especially sucky group of sucks that out-suck most sucky suckers.

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