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It's The Holiday Season....

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i sent you a cd last year for the exchange, sdt. i spent 10 dollars or so making the case and it cost me 23 dollars to send it to you. and you didn't say a word about it, other than that you liked one song. so i'm passing this year.

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Snoop Dogg


This the season.. ill be giving some of these away. all you got to do is Like my page... young playaz!!


SnooP also declared it to be The Season.




its the future, which I hate. *grumble*


Hey, I once also wanted to declare a "have a penny, give a penny" heist. It would have beeen awesome, clear out the local have a penny jar at 7 11, mail it to the next person on the list, it would have been a small revolution, but we could have been gangsters....."i'm tired." I'm SO DAMN TIRED!!! good night.

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postage would get expensive.



chris, do you live anywhere near niakwa golf club? have you heard of it?



i don't think I do.....maybe....living in Winnipeg, goggle mapped that, 14 minutes from my place.

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i was the one who sent it to him and therefore was much offended when all i got from him was


"got my Bored Exchange cd today.

Will review more of it as I listen.

1. The Beatles - I'm so Tired -love this one, never heard it before. A+

2. Black Keys - Remember When - it's alright. B-

3. Charles Mingus - Better Get Hit In Yo Soul - not a fan of Jazz. sorry.

more later


extra points for getting 17 tracks on there. "


found this little add-on a few pages after:

"too tired to write a full Song For Song review of the cd Lauren, but It is an excellent fall to sleep mix. Overall grade: A+"


so sdt is too tired. that sucks. maybe that means you should stay home and sleep instead of bothering the poor baristas in your neighbourhood.

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