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Now, I am not sure if many of you know who Glen Beck is, but if you have seen the Daily Show, or seen his books you have a good idea.


The question I raise is of great debate.


Glen Beck uses Nazi symbolism on his show, talks an awful lot about Hitler as well. He even has dressed like a Nazi on a cover of one of his books.


Some people he means well, and it not offensive.


Others (who are Jewish) friends of mine are offended by this.



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My thoughts are that Glen Beck is an moron. A moron with ADD and his own TV show is a bad combination. The fact that millions watch his show boggles my mind.


People who compare U.S. politicians or policies to Hitler and/or fascism usually are using the concepts in a very inaccurate way. Beck and many other use these images for shock value at the expense of accuracy in their comparisons.


As for Beck dressing up at Hitler or whatever, he is afforded such freedom of speech under the US Constitution. The US has no "hate speech" laws, unlike Canada. Those who are offended have the same freedom to express their displeasure. I have no personal feelings on it since i tend to ignore the man as much i can because, as i said, he's a moron.

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