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from what i can remember and in no order:


hello time bomb

the future is x-rated


i'm a window

great whales of the sea

a single explosion


load me up


born losers

the boy who could explode






just kidding about that rico part

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It was a solid set for what it was - the sound was excellent, and Stu was really on. I enjoyed his playing more than any other performance to date I think. Matt forgot some lyrics here and there, gave a good vocal delivery (didn't push it generally). Drummer was pretty into it, he was crisp. Who is that playing with them these days? I was hoping to hear a sample f SOMETHING from the recently recorded album, no dice :angry: Still it was pretty awesome to the band for free! Especially considering they won't be back on the road till summer probably.


I just want to take this opportunity to note that I find the 30+ yr-old male 'superfans' awkward to be around sometimes. When they sing in my ear. And laugh at every word Matt utters between songs. Especially when I'm sober. I'm just saying it makes me feel awkward, that's all - the guy to my left had a wonderful falsetto tho, I must say ;)


There were way more than 100 people by the way, closer to 300.

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It was a great show. My brother and I showed up waayy too early, but ended up being the first ones there. So front row at a free show was awesome. Cool to see him play Giant - I was expecting a lot more singles so the crowd would recognize something.


Also met a couple really big fans, some nice people from Ottawa and Hamilton. So if you're on here, hello!

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