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So Christmas Is Coming Up

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Leaving for Vancouver Island on the 15 to have Christmas with my parents and my Grandma. Should be really nice.


I'm just getting small gifts for my family because I am totally broke until I go back to work. 4 months off is a killer.

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usually i wait til the last minute, but i was mildly afraid of one particular gift selling out quickly, so i bought it a two weeks ago and its been sitting in the trunk ever since.


i'll probably do the rest next week. i buy only for my gf, our son and my gf's brother-in-law, so its fairly low key. i always try to find really exclusive or "undiscovered" stuff for gf, and that is time consuming. for our son, i'll probably get him this airport set that he fell in love with a few weeks ago, along with one of those giant boxes of cars that hotwheels puts out every christmas.. and the gift in the trunk is a buzz lightyear toy.

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I've got to buy for my parents who are divorced so it's annoying buying two separate gifts... although I suppose a lot of people buy two separate gifts anyway. Then I've got to buy my gf something even though we're not doing christmas this year, so it's tough to find things for around $25-30. Then I've just got my brother, which is also tough, because that's under $50.


So far I've bought my mom a loose-leaf teapot with some tea, and I'm thinking about getting my brother Adam Corrola's book "IN 50 years we'll all be chicks" as well as some whisky.


No idea on what to get my Dad or girlfriend yet.

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my sisters and the boyfriends are dividing up the price of the gifts this year... a table saw for pa and a wii fit for ma. plus other little things. my older sister is getting a hello kitty water cooler from which i plan on getting super drunk... my younger sister is going to get a home hardware gift card as she is doing some renos in her house, as well as some tea stuff from my work. i didn't get them anything last year because i was broke so i'm spending more this year. not really sure what i'm getting jamie yet.. our 3 year anniversary is this friday, and he's been saying he wants his batman poster framed (not so excited to have that on display, but in a few years, the decorating will be left up to me, so i can deal) so i might get that done for him. for anniversary or christmas. i can't think of anything special to get him for our anniversary... i might make the batman thing the 3 year gift and then buy him a bunch of clothes and odds and ends for christmas. for christmas he is getting me a new hair straightener and for our 3 year he is getting me tiffanys and prada perfume. so it needs to be good.

then i have to buy for his sister and a lil something for his mom. expensive christmas this year.

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