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My First Kiss Went Something Like Ths......

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i'm not even joking, i can't remember THE first, not that i've ever even kissed an enormous number of people or anything. it was just a long tme ago. i remember playing hideandseek with my neighbour, and we kissed while we hid in her dog house, but i don't know certainly that it was the first. kind of anticlamactic, if it was. i still hadn't 'hit my stide' hahhaa

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I'm convinced that my first kiss was to shut me up. I was all nervous and buffony and wouldn't shut my yap, then there were lips on my lips and I was all "double-ewe-tee-eff?"


Sadly there are no mulligans for one's first first base.

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i never knew what bases analogised. i'm assuming first is kissing, now, and i would assume as well a 'homerun' would be sex, but what about a reach-around while you're trying to use teh urinal? a foul?

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My best girl friend is always horrified at my breakdown of the bases:


1st base = Groping, clothes on, making out/grinding

2nd base = Clothes off, underwear on, making out/grinding

3rd base = Bra off for the girls, underoos on for the boys, handjobs, bare boobie touching, fingering, oral sex

Home run = Anything goes!


Foul ball is assplay without asking first haha

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1st base is manual penetration.

2nd base is oral

3rd base is sexual intercourse

home run is ass to mouth






ahaha i thought yours was best too.





what the fuck's 'manual penetration' though? i thought rape was frowned on in some cultures. doesn't sound that universal a 'game'

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Mine was in grade 3 and the guy was this little obnoxious kid from tennessee. We went behing this chinese restaraunt in my home town and he proceeded to try in kiss me but ended up purposely drooling all over me and my winter jacket. Then he ran away laughing.

Wasn't the best part of my life. lol

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