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Matt's Response To The Shooting In Tuscon

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While holding a meeting with constituents in her district at the La Toscana Village shopping center in north-west Tucson, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the back of the head at close range by 22-year-old Jared Loughner. Nineteen people in all suffered gunshot wounds, five died at the scene, one later at hospital

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the shooter seemed quite literally insane, or at least tremendously disturbed.


As for gun control, thats a dead horse. It's not my country anyways, they can do what they want on domestic issues. But i like where i live.


I tempted calling for the N.R.A. once

was for the money

the shit I heard was funny

You hint at taking away someone's gun

"i make my own bullets, if they try to take them away, me and the boys are going to start the revolution"

"that's fine sir, will you donate to support the N.R.A.?"

"do you take credit? *gun cocking sound*

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Couldn't agree more that this crime/tragedy has immediately spun into a circus/power struggle. I have to question if a similar situation with the political/media circus wouldn't happen in Canada or really most of the "western" world? I have grave doubts this is a US only problem. It's just exacerbated by US current events constantly being thrust on a world stage.


As for gun control...hmm..I don't think this is as easy as saying "no guns = better" things are different here, and not just purely from a red neck perspective. Population density, economic disparity, readily available illegal weapons, warmer weather(look up crime statistics winter vs summer) yes the vigilante red necks are also thrown in there. I don't think making a gun "illegal" is going greatly decrease the violent crime rate, I don't think that this sort of crime, doesn't happen. Perhaps you could make a case for a generation or two later the mentality of the country would change and thus these acts would become less? I had trouble finding consistent stats for crimes being stopped because of legal guns, vs crimes committed with legal guns and accidents.


I've never discharged a firearm, and until those barbarian Canadians are at the end of my block threatening my freedom that's the way it will stay : )


I'd also love to see those nra donations all go towards health care, cleaning up the environment & and creating healthy jobs, or really any other more worthy cause then lobbyists and the other propaganda.

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