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Loser Anthems

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Full band, classic Flashdance 2. Great melody, awesome lyrics. I love the acoustic portion going into the solo.


Man From... beautiful ambient piece.


My Life As A Circus Clown. Arguably goofy, but it breaks up the seriousness in a really needed way. The second half of the album is beautiful but it's draining. It's great hearing the interplay in the MGB. It's this type of diversity his music lacks nowadays.


Intermezzo - same as the above. MG is a funny guy and it's nice to showcase the other-side of his personality, so it's not all dark, morose stuff. haha I love most of the heavier stuff, however.


Flight Recorder - one of his best songs ever. Amazing evocative lyrics and sparse, haunting music. All of the ambient noises add so much character. The buzz of the amp... ahh.


Life Beyond - the barely there guitar in the opening is wonderful in this song, but it works in large part because of the bombastic, haunting ending.


Fine Art - GODDAMN what an amazing recording/song. It's so far from perfect but... perfect in its imperfection. ;)


I love how rough the second half feels, how it's a big mixing pot. MGB songs and solo songs. The whole album feels really spontaneous and lose which is right up my alley. I remember when this came out (prior to Audio), it got me SO excited to hear the next record, but when it was finally released, AofB felt like a step back (I'm still a fan of it, however). Regarding spontaneity, I still think he should have released the Vancouver demos as the real album. All he had to do was record real drums on an 8 track tape player and dub over the Garageband loops.


OK, last thread for awhile. I promise. :angry: I felt bad criticizing ol Mr. Good and revisited this record. I love it as much as I did when it first came out.

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