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M+ Ending?

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I recall when Matt recently rebooted his website there was a message on one of the main pages that said that current M+ members could reactivate their account on the new site and that would continue to support M+ until all current M+ memberships expire, but that there would be no new M+ memberships offered.


So i take this to be that Matt is ending M+. That is a shame. I never was an M+ member, but i was planning to join when the new tour kicks off so get possible invitations to pre-show soundchecks and other tour-related goodies.


Has Matt said anything about the fate of M+ to M+ members? Or reasons why he seems to be ending it?

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Basically, Matt wanted to be able to have a website that he could manage himself (from a technical standpoint), which was not the case with the old site. He didn't think he could make the changes that were needed for the album launch over there, and he found that Squarespace did everything he wanted except for the ability to purchase subscriptions. He thought he might be able to keep the old site around just for M+ (with a different domain), but it sounded like that didn't work out.


I suspect he's also struggling to find content and/or unique things for M+, so I think it just seemed like an obvious answer. Having said that, he's acknowledged that M+ has a relatively strong community going, which I'm not sure he's ready to nuke yet.


I don't think he's yet decided how/if it will end. At one point, he talked about nuking it in the fall and giving merch to the folks whose subscriptions hadn't run out. But the current site indicates that everyone who signed up will stay a member until the last person's subscription runs out (March of next year). But no new signups.


I would be surprised if he did the presale/pre-show stuff that he did last year, though that's just my opinion.

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