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Guest Bimbly

What Was The Original Track-listing For White Light And Audio?

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Audio of Being


Man of Action

The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production

Advertising on Police Cars

Truffle Pigs

The Rat Who Would Be King


I, The Throw Away

Under the Influence

Sort of a Protest Song


White Light Rock and Roll Review


Put Out Your Lights

Poor Man's Grey

We're So Heavy

It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man


Little Terror

North American For Life

Ex-Pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra

Empty Road

Blue Skies Over Badlands


I don't know why Matt stopped playing with Rich.

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No no he's talking about a post Matt made on M+ a while back. He listed the running order he wanted or these records before Universal sent him back to record new material.


That's why Alert Status Red, In Love With a Bad Idea and Buffalo Seven are not in this list. Because those were the only songs recorded after the recording session (and were not recorded live off the floor) at the demand of the record company who thought the record lacked singles.


As for Rich, I won't go into details but Matt posted on an old forum that there was some shit between them and they're not even speaking to each other anymore. The only MGB member Matt's in speaking term with, bar Geoff of course, is Ian.

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I'm kind of going off slight comments made on his blog years ago but I remember him mentioning getting rid of the old band (Pat, Christian and Rich) for something involving drug use. Maybe someone lit a doobie on the tour bus.


I also remember him mentioning that he liked the freedom of playing with differnet musicians when he wanted, but I still have my money on the drugs.

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Never heard of that. I know he implied Dave was a drug user back in the MGB days. The only thing I heard concerning Rich was what I said earlier. Pat though played on Hospital Music and then went back with The Odds so that's why Matt isn't playing with him anymore.

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Guest Bimbly

Cool, thanks for the details everyone!


So, Audio only had 9 tracks in its original incarnation? No Carmelina? I remember a live boot of that and Fall Of Man circulating well prior to the album release, so I thought the former was due to be included for sure... like, my barometer is that I heard the bootleg right before I went to see the movie Traffic which came out in Jan. 2001... and Audio didn't come out until October, right?


I know most of you will think I'm a tool, but I'm glad Matt went back and added those three songs to White. They're all great songs.

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With Rich, it seemed like their relationship was fraying during the WLRRR touring. Rich posted about a couple of minor incidents on his blog. Matt started working with Ryan Dahle informally after the tour was over, and decided to switch Rich and Christian out for Ryan and Meegee. (That's when Matt posted the note about the freedoms of being a solo artist including playing with different people from time to time.)


That seemed to go well until Ryan and Meegee booked some Limblifter dates during what would have been touring for In a Coma. Matt asked Rich and Christian to return for those shows (which they did), after which Matt announced that he was going to give up the band and just play solo. By the time he decided that he wanted/needed to tour with a band again, he opted to put together a new band.



And, yeah, I don't think there was an official pre-record-company-meddling tracklist for AOB. The other other tracklist I remember seeing was one that included "All Together" before "Sort of a Protest Song". I think "Pony Boy" was excluded during the sessions.

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