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The Lone Gunman

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It was actually a demo that he recorded back in 2009 or so.




Search the forums for it, I think a few posts should show up. I don't remember if anyone ever got the lyrics up though.


nvm, Who took a stab at it.


Take back your line in mazed

Wail all and I for today


And I'll be your lone gunman

And I'll wash the dirt off your skin


Bail on the while in wales

I braved all the time we'll lay frail


Take back your life you made

The air on the night it decays


I'll be your lone gunman

And I'll wash the dirt off your skin

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Matt included it as part of the pre-release online stream of Vancouver. The stream had a bunch of random demos and at least one live performance. If I'm not mistaken - I thought at one point Matt said that it was actually older than the Vancouver demos, or that it wasn't specifically recorded with Vancouver in mind. (I think was in an M+ post that probably no longer exists.)

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A while back I asked him if there were lyrics to the song and if he was ever going to release it and he simply replied "no". Is it "no" to both or just to the release I don't know ;)


Because during Vancouver he did record songs without having any lyrics for them (like The Boy Who Could Explode)

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