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So Who Was The Best Band Of Th 90's?

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had a discusion with my brother

*again, ms, forgot a lot of things, its the hell of a thing*

and yadda yadda, began talking aout best bands of a the 90's

we both agreed, Nirana, kind of overated at this point

lot of fanboys talking how important they were and much like The Beatles, you DO NOT bash them.


i said


so we agreed Stone Temple Pilots way good

compared to what they know today, Jonas Brothers what are the "kids" consdering "good music"

so who do you consider the best band of the 90s?

going to rest in the sitting room.

i'm so damn tired.

post script, when did the 90's become retro?

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our lady peace

and not Matthew Good

he's kind of an asshole

making us think


who does that?

i just like to listen to my music

don't want to have to think and make an opinion

britney spears never did that

she's purty

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Guest jjazz

But seriously...




Dare I say MGB AND OLP

Weezer (come on guys, blue and pinkerton?)


There's of course PJ's, SG,

But Rush will be the best band of every decade.

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Guest jjazz

OLP is still together, and they managed to give us Naveed, Clumsy, AND Happiness (just in the nick of time, september 1999)


Also, Pixies. Yes, they released music in the very early 90's, so they are a 90's band.

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I can't decide on a clear #1. But I nominate:


Smashing Pumpkins ("Mellon Collie..." had so many frickin great songs that several of them didn't even get to be singles)

REM (4 excellent albums in a row)

Beastie Boys (15 year career, not 1 unexcellent album)


Suprised nobody said The Hip (a contender). OLP had catchy tunes coming out their ass but the lead singer seems like a douche so fuck them. RHCP were mostly annoying (Give It Away, Love Rollercoaster...blelch) until the amazing "Californication" (1999). Nirvana is the most important in terms of influencing an industry, but a bit overrated musically. Radiohead: The Bends = amazing, Ok Computer = overrated. Pearl Jam = pretty good but c'mon. Metallica = 2 really great albums (Load was not metal but still excellent) + Garage Inc. but meh not quite enough, + Reload mostly sucked dick. Oasis = 1 good album, 1 great album, then they sucked. Rage = great band, they're up there. Offspring = started with a bang, ended with a thud. Barenaked Ladies = enough hits to get props. Soundgarden = uhm no.

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