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Anyone Want Some Up To Date Album Covers?

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Well ok, not the official albums but of the Demos before he formed MGB. After finding all the songs from all his albums i wanted something a bit up to date rather than using the tape covers. (which are of bad quality) They arn't very fancy as I just pulled picture off the internet and threw titles over them. The only one I used the original from and slightly altered was "15 Hours on a September Thursday". However I thought I would share.





You can download the set here. http://www.mediafire.com/?4c2ww6ypvd8iwna

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i hate to be the dick, but i'm just big on keeping shit in context. you definitely did a good job, rougleory, but these are all demos from the last fifteen to twenty years. the covers he gave them are all relevant to the era in which the piece was produced. you're doing old shit in a new style, and it just makes it all seem amatuer, no matter how welldone it is. like "see i wasn't jerkin off, i got this done"


the old copies are shitty copies, but they're the best we can do in the absence of the real thing. sometimes you've just got to settle for "the best you can do"


<3 <3





edit: :11am = i do say that assuming we're currently going by some shitty library photocopier circa 1993 coqluitman public library copies on this site?

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