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Whats Everyone Up To?

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Been working. I finally found a new job and am quitting PetSmart to move back to Telus, so that is kind of exciting. I am also moving next week, so I've been doing a lot of packing and that sort of thing as well. Which is kind of difficult because Shay works graveyards, so I have to do some packing late at night while our roommate sleeps. Ah well.

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i was going to invite gaddahffi over for supper, you know, ask about any 'inside tips' he might share with an aspiring dictator, but some shit came up, i guess he's tied up and can't make it









well, actually, i'm moving

which blows but is a great change of pace


it'll hands down be the best place i've ever lived

haven't lived in a house in years......

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