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To Honour All Those Lost On September 11

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we should have another Bored CD exchange.


yeah, CDs are like these donut shaped discs where you can put on songs

keep that on the hush hush

then you (I) put on your favorite songs, preferabally not Jazz or Radiohead or Our Lady Peace or newer Blink 182 (you know the after they sold out)

so we should do this. first I've got to nap, put my Ho's in line. Its hard out there for a pimp, eh?

this HAS worked before.

i think

Charles, can you help a brother from another mother out and organize this shiznit?

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i don't know about that, i've started some pretty bad ones in the past.


If You Could Invite A Group Of Famous People

Your Favorite Day Ever

What Are You Plans For.....

When It's Time To Party, I Will Party Hard

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ahahahahhahhahahaa possibly the BEST thread evar anywhere












let me see if my burner works because those couragous honourable righteous uhmurikkkuhnz all died heroes while they took breaks from paperwork to fill their coffees and mill around their neighbour's cubicles. THEY DIED FUCKEN HEROES EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM


and i like the "up all night / heart's all gone"

i think neighbourhoods is going to be what i always wanted, whereas selftitled was just a cocktease

like your little sister after the first third of a smirnoff ice

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