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Does Anyone Else Think Some Of The Demos Which Were Cut From Loes Were Better Than Some Of The Ones Which Made It?

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Just my personal opinion, obviously. And it's Matthew's work, so he puts what he wants on his album, I'm not complaining about anything.


After listening repeatedly to:

For and against the same thing

We are a place

Die like kings


After listening to those songs I find that some of the songs which made the album (while good music) are less emotionally intense. Obviously different people like different things, and there's nothing wrong with that, and Matthew's tastes and style change over time. One person might like one song and dislike another, that's ok. But to me, these 3 songs have some punch to them that some songs on LoES were lacking.


Anyway, just my opinion and I wanted to see if anyone else shared it! Not putting the CD down as it's great, just curious!



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Homecoming was something Matt screwed around with but was not all that serious about, until the idea for Shallows Low came about. They're basically the same song. Same structure. I remember telling Matt that it sounded like the live extended lyrics to SWW and soon after he made a post talking about originality. Basically saying even though there's nothing wrong with either pieces, he wanted to try and avoid similarities and go for something completely new sounding.


Homecoming sounds like it could be on a 3 track EP with "Breath Of A Nation" and "If I Were A Title Wave."


IMHO ;-)

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I only heard the extended and in my opinion much better version of Hornets (6:06 as opposed to 3:58) 3 days ago and have not been able to stop listening to it. For me it is one of my favourite songs and I sincerely doubt that's just because its fresh for me; I thought the same of "Last Parade" when it was brand new (and when it was a demo known as Portrait of Artist in Jungle), and indeed it is still one of my top favourites.

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I missed out on the entire demoing phase for Lights of Endangered Species, but I would definitely be interested in hearing the demos, even the songs that made the album, just to see how they evolved. Sometimes, when I search Google for them, it'll return something interesting, like Hornets (Version 2) or Non Populus (Demo). I have the "Miscellaneous" compilation and now We Are a Place from a few posts below, but I sure would like to hear all of them in the best possible quality (which I know isn't high). Can they be uploaded somewhere? It would be like Christmas!

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