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Forum Upgrades & Bugs

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Most of the upgrades are up although the NF Store is not fully operational yet.


To do:

  • Add NF$ donation feature.
  • Add download donation feature.
  • Show the amount of NF$ a member has on the sidebars/profiles and the NF Store.
  • Give bonus NF$ to topic starter after a thread reaches a certain number of posts.


Some known bugs:

  • Some people have lost avatars due to the upgrade progress. If you notice your avatar is missing, please upload a new avatar.
  • Signatures and some text may be too light.
  • Some people are experiencing difficulties with topic marking (e.g. topics read not marked).
  • Some posts/signatures may not be formatted properly.

Please post any bugs you find, thanks!

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I'm seeing a really weird bug.


If I come onto the page and have a PM, I click the little PM button and go and read the PM

Then I click on the "View New Content" it tells me there is no new content.

If I click on the link that says "The Board" to get back to the main page I see some forums indicating there is new posts. I then click the "View New Content", and get a list of new posts.


It seems like the "View New Content" might be contextual in a way I don't quite understand and is none obvious.

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Users should now be receiving NF$ again for posting.


You should give us an online casino so we could gamble with them or something.


Hmm we should all try to think of ideas (better than above) that would be relatively easy for you to implement that we could spend NF$ on. haven't spend any in ages.

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