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Would It Be That Crazy To Ask (With The Show Being Tomorrow And All) If Anyone Has A Spare Mg Ticket For Tuesday's Show In Edmonton?

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I know it's super late to be asking this, but, as it turns out I have just come across some money to spare (money which I didn't have when it came time to buy MG concert tickets this fall). Why is money never around when you really need it... :huh:!

Anyhow, I believe there are still some tickets left for purchase through Ticketmaster, but they are all the way at the very top of the third balcony... Not so great :(

Would it be that crazy to ask (with the show being tomorrow and all) If anyone has a spare MG ticket, (that I can purchase) for this Tuesday's show in Edmonton (tomorrow)? Preferably not at the top of the 3rd balcony...

And if your are are worried about spending your Matt Good concert experience next to some unknown stranger... Please don't. I have loved MG for a little over 10 years now, and in that time, seen everyone of his Edmonton tours, minus one of the acoustic shows. I'm no drooling fanboy, (just a fan of awesome live music) I have great hygiene, and my friends think I'm a pretty alright person (though I can't say the same for them, keeping in mind, none of them wanted to go see Matt good this year... <_<)

So if anyone can potentially help me out and, is lucky enough to spot this message in time, please contact me by email: [email protected], -or- by Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pchoward

Thanks ,

Paul Howard



Do people still stand around and scalp tickets out side of concert venues these day???

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Probably too late for me to suggest this, but I would just go to the venue as early as you can, head directly to the box office, and see what they've got. It's pretty common for good tickets come available day-of.


Whether resellers will be at the venue depends on the venue, but it's not out of the question. Honestly, if you got there and the box office had nothing, I would make a little sign saying that you're looking for one ticket for yourself. It seems to be pretty common for people to buy more tickets than they need and just eat any that they're not using, so if you give off the vibe that you're actually going to use the ticket yourself, you might get one at a good price.

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It's pretty common for good tickets come available day-of.

True advice. Even looking on Ticketmaster a few in the lower and first balcony have popped up online. If you get that CTR1 - Row A - Seat 144 seat you can sit beside me and watch how awkward I am when I record a show.



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