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More Most Underrated Matt Good Song

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the future is x-rated


goddamn its deafening

wish you would shut up about everything

the future is x-rated.

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Guest Bimbly

By album I guess...


Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts


Invasion 1 / Look Happy It's The End Of The World

I Miss New Wave / Born To Kill

Flight Recorder

Advertising On Police Cars

Double Life

In Love With A Bad Idea

The Boy Who Could Explode (big ups for this one)

How it Goes


I really don't know if these are underrated or not, especially not on a fanboard where every song probably gets its due at one point or another.

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I'd say I'm partial too



Breath of a Nation

Extradoridnary Fades

We're So Heavy


I, The Throw Away


Just a few that came to mind.

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We're So Heavy is a great pick. Love that song... Will you be at the NYC show tomorrow? I'm bringing my wife and two friends...my wife is probably sick of me talking and playing Matthew Good by now, but I'm pleased that I can introduce two friends to the brilliance of Matt (who very few U.S. citizens have heard of, unfortunately).

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I will not be making the trip tonight. My sister and I went to see Matt this past weekend at the Niagara Falls and Rochester shows. Unfortunately we live like 6 or 7 hours from the city.

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Go fly blind

We're So Heavy


Whispering In The Dark

Heathers Like Sunday

Casual Walks



Running For Home


The Fine Art of Falling Apart

I, The throw away

The Rat who would be king


Sort of a Protest song

Strangest One of All

On Nights Like Tonight

Let's get it on

Symbolistic White Walls

the Inescapable us

Silent Army in the trees


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Hallo! Newbie to the forum here.


I'm gonna do the one from every release thing.


Demos - I love pretty much all of these songs. My two favourites also seem to be two of the most underrated - Folk Singer and Second Sun. These two were ridiculously important to me in my late teens. I mean yeah Second Sun skips a bit but the song underneath is just beautiful. "Maybe looking down ain't all that bad when there's nothing down there that you miss".


LOTGA - gonna join the chorus of Vermillion-loving. Plus Native Son. Eh, you know what, I think every song on LOTGA is underrated in MG's overall catalogue, except for SWW (still pretty popular in Canada right?) and Alabama Motel Room which I think is pretty overrated.


Raygun - So Long Mrs Smith


Underdogs - Middle Class Gangsters and Change of Season


Lo-fi B-Sides - Um... Fated? Is it underrated? It's awesome.


Beautiful Midnight - A Boy and His Machine Gun


Audio of Being - Tripoli


Avalanche - While We Were Hunting Rabbits


WLRRR - Empty Road (though I prefer the earlier acoustic version that was floating around), Blue Skies Over Bad Lands and Hopeless


Hospital Music - Did 99% of Us is Failure do well in Canada? Can't say whether it's underrated or not but it's my favourite on the album.


Vancouver - Empty's Theme Park


LOES - Haven't ordered it yet! Looking forward to it.

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