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Tour Poll: Solo Acoustic Vs Full Band

Tour poll: Solo acoustic VS full band  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Which format would/do you prefer to see for a Matt Good tour?

    • solo acoustic
    • full band

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I'm thinking fans will be biased toward the full band format since MG's last solo acoustic tour in Canada was 2007 I believe, and Canadians just had a nice full band tour. But we'll see.


Matt and band kicked ass in Ottawa in October, but my vote is for solo acoustic tour. He sounds amazing solo and it's a huge bonus that he can throw in tons of rare songs and varied setlists without the restriction of having to practice them on short time with a band.

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I am going to abstain from voting. I love band shows because it is great to hear those songs really come to life but acoustic is great too for the intimacy, banter, varied sets etc, and while some of the MG(B) shows have been better than others, I've never seen him put on a bad show regardless of format.


Also, I hate writing long posts on the iPhone.

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The first solo acoustic Matt Good show I saw was in Buffalo, Oct. 2007. It was a very special night for me...it was the first MG show I'd ever been to. He was ON that night as well, and provided a kickass setlist. When I saw the full band for the first time in 2010 it was all kinds of awesome in a different way...i had the biggest smile on my face when they played X-Rated.


I think I would say full band simply because the crowd gets into it just a bit more and you can't hear as much individual talking amongst them.


ALTHOUGH venue plays a big part in the way the crowd reacts too. A sit down opera house might be more appropriate for a solo acoustic show...whereas a smaller general admission venue would be best for a full band. I'll stick with my vote either way.

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I've seen both acoustic and full band. I love listening to acoustic on my ipod, but I definitely prefer a full band experience live. I'm hoping for a couple of rarities for this acoustic tour...Listened to Rabbits and that was just amazing, hopefully there is more of that on the acoustic tour.

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I've never been to a Matthew Good show so I'll go from recordings I have. Acoustic really lets MG's voice shine, plus the more varied setlists are awesome. However, some songs just clearly sound better with the band and acoustic tends to sound a bit the same to me after a while. It depends on my mood, I dunno what to pick.

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