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Sensory Overload

Favorite Matthew Good Song?

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I often think of questions like this in this way: if it was all going to be lost, what one tune would you grab in the universal flood to save from the debris and hand on to whatever future lay ahead?


I love Non Populus, which breaks my heart...but in all the wreckage, I think I'd want to hand Double Life on to some survivor. It's so battered and so wrecked and somehow there's some sort of hope in there, in all the scars...which I know seems like what you'd say about every great Matt Good tune, but I feel it. And there's that question, "How come I feel so terrible, when terrible's in fashion?" There's a whole decade tangled up in that, you're dining on a whole period's failed way of life there...


I hope I don't sound like too much of dope, but that tune is heroin to me...


-Su Shi, (aka So Unsure)

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Matthew Good - House of Smoke and Mirrors


Matthew Good Band - Sort of a Protest Song


Both of those songs give me the chills each time I hear them. Great melodies and arrangement in both songs that are perfect for closing an album.

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Used to be Fated; nowadays it reminds me too much of being depressed as a teenager. I think for now it's While We Were Hunting Rabbits and Folk Singer ("you might walk with dominance but you don't control me..." ; "...you will not be forgotten and this will not be forgotten" ...perfect.)


I love how many people love Sort of a Protest Song, though! It is a gorgeous song. It's been stuck in my head a lot for the past week.

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You're right.... Hard to pick just one.


Favorites to rock out to....


Everything is Automatic

The Future is X-Rated

Man of Action



Favorites to Listen to.....



Champions of Nothing

Lets Get it On

Near Fantastica


All time favorite.....



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I am going to try to top five this;


1)Sort of a Protest Song

2)A Single Explosion

3)What if I Can't See the Stars, Mildred?

4)The Fine Art of Falling Apart

5)Running for Home


The first 3 are easy. After that, I get impulsive and it's usually what comes to mind. I could easly throw Flight Recorder, 99%, LoES, Workers, Volcanoes, Explode, Prime Time, Giant, Suburbia and a few others into spots 4 or 5 and be totally happy with them there.

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