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What Are Some Of The Songs Previously Named?

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I'm sure this has been covered before, but I glanced through old topics and didn't see it covered.


I'm wondering what some of the rarer versions of songs are, for example:


Portrait of Artist in Jungle became Last Parade. Homecoming, did that become Fake Mission to Alderaan? I've seen many people post on other sites about "A Little Something to Fall Asleep To" but no one mentions any lyrics at any point, so I was wondering if it became another song on LOES, or scrapped completely? I've read quite a bit of Matt's blog, all the sections of NearFantastica.com with any info on lyrics, previous names, unreleased tracks, etc, as well as all wikipedia pages in any way related to Matt Good or MGB, and still don't have answers to a lot. If one of the truly knowledgeable persons on this forum would just give a quick reply with known name changes or scrapped tracks I'd very, very much appreciate it.

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Thanks Jesse, Youtube listed the song titled "Fake Mission to Alderan (Homecoming 1)" so I thought maybe the uploader was indicating its original title.


And thanks alot OceanPearl, I was very curious about that one's fate. That also explains why no one mentioned one lyric when commenting on Matt's blog after he posted it.

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