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This Place Is Dead

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so we (I) will try to get some conversation started

plus I can't sleep

sleep is for the weak

anyway, have any stories you would like to share?

ever had some embarassing surgical problems you needed to hide from other school mates?

my case, I guess, I had to wear a back brace for the 10th grade

tried my hardest to keep this a secret

from Jenn

and Cheri

and Nancy


oooh.....hmmmm.......so let's talk.

this is what I have to do

cause I can't sleep

and I feel like we can talk

or type

or do other stuff


now. :(

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Yes... Facebook... that's it.


It wouldn't have anything to do with the decline in posts by the original characters of the place (which happened a long time ago). Coupled with the fact that we haven't captured any new membership in a long time.

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I think most of us that have been around here since the beginning (or almost the beginning) have each other on fb.Obviously Matt brought us all here but we all found we had other similarities and that's why there are other sections that have way more posts than the matt good section.

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I have none of you on fb-- except Anton...


I don't even have our dear leader on my fb.


Why is this place dead? Well, after 7 years or whatever you just kinda have talked about everything Matthew Good related anyone could possibly think of besides new albums & tours. I think it's also a small website, so those who wish to chat about off-topic things can have livelier discussions on other forum sites. Also, Facebook might be a reason, where posting some crazy video on your FB is more fun than posting it here maybe? I think a bunch of more post-heavy regular members leaving or not coming around much is a big factor, and it has snowballed.

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matt isn't exactly attracting new fans at this point in his career. he's got a relatively small but loyal group of followers and their average age is up around the point where most of them either dont have the time or interest to be monitoring a message board.


i havent been to one of matt's shows or purchased any of his music in years, he doesn't appeal to me whatsoever anymore... i come here purely out of habit, and even so, my contributions (in terms of posts, because lets face it, i never really contributed anything else) to this place are a small fraction of what they used to be.

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Guest girl

We are an anachronism of a bygone era. (I've always wanted to use that phrase in a sentence)


hehe. That's a good description. Yup, this place is dead.

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believe it or not I must be one of the "weirdos" in this world who does NOT have facebook... don't like those social networks... I prefer being in contact with you guys here... I don't want this site be dead...

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