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I made these 4 playlists so I could listen to my favorite MGB & MG tunes in some kind of balance and harmonic flow. I think they blend really well into each other, and although I have been working on them over many years (which explains why they are each short enough to burn onto disk) I am hoping to make many many more in the future. As for some obvious omissions like "A Sort Of A Protest Song, While We Were Hunting Rabbits, and Running For Home", I do enjoy them immensely, However, they haven't fit well into my current arrangements.


I was wondering if anyone else does this kind of stuff.


Anti-Pop #1


1. Deep Six

2. Everything Is Automatic

3. Strangest One Of All

4. Apparitions

5. Rico

6. Native Son

7. Haven't Slept In Years

8. Change Of Season

9. Indestructible

10. Alabama Motel Room

11. Failing The Rorscach Test

12. Fearless

13. Strange Days

14. Hello Time Bomb

15. The Future Is X-Rated

16. Load Me Up

17. Let's Get It On


Anti-Pop #2


1. Man Of Action

2. Carmelina

3. Anti-Pop

4. Oh Be Joyfull

5. Poor Man's Gray

6. Born Losers

7. Empty Road

8. Alert Status Red

9. In Love With A Bad Idea

10. Near Fantastica

11. Big City Life

12. In A World Called Catastrophe

13. The Fall Of Man

14. Under The Influence

15. Buffalo Seven

16. Double Life


Anti-Pop #3


1. Champions Of Nothing

2. Avalanche

3. Last Parade

4. The Boy Who Could Explode

5. A Silent Army In The Trees

6. Black Helicopter

7. On Nights Like Tonight

8. 99% Of Us Is Failure

9. A Single Explosion

10. How It Goes

11. Odette

12. The Fine Art Of Falling Apart

13. So Long Mrs. Smith

14. Set Me On Fire

15. Metal Airplanes


Anti-Pop #4


1. A Long Way Down

2. Extraordinary Fades

3. Dusk

4. What If I can't See Thee Stars Mildred?

5. Pledge Of Allegiance

6. I, The Throw Away

7. Us Remains Impossible

8. Fought To Fight It

9. I'm A Window

10. Shallow's Low

11. Fated

12. Going All The Way

13. Weapon

14. Non Populus

15. Blue Skies Over Bad Lands

16. Moon Over Marin


A capital "G" would have been "Good", but I'm not sure how to edit the title.


Oh well.

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I like them and at first glance, they do seem like they'd flow real well! I would make playlists based on what I think would be wicked concert set, so the same idea- trying to get a nice flow from song to song. Though I have to admit, sometimes those would be long ass playlists- like they would translate into a 16 song set and a pair of encores between 4 and 6 songs each. Haven't done something like that since... White Light probably. I think I will steal yours and come up with my own :)

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I had nothing better to do this morning so I decided I do the animal list. I decided to use any song that had a reference to an animal name, even if the lyrical reference isn't referring to an actual animal, but to a concept or object ('nuclear albatross' in The War is Over, 'high horse' in FXR- though that has the monkey reference, 'truffle pigs' in Truffle Pigs, 'pony boy' from Pony Boy, 'pink bunny suit' from Prime Time). I decided not to include songs that had the word 'animal' in it (so no Haven't Slept or Boy and His Machine Gun) and songs that he recorded, but didn't write (Moon Over Marin). Which leaves us with:


Waiting For the Great Destruction (bird)

If Bird's Don't Fly Straight (bird)

Folk Singer (lion)

Push (dinosaur)

Blue Bird (bird, bluebird)

Parable (lion, bird, bee)

She's Got a New Disguise (bird)

The War is Over (nuclear albatross)

Everything is Automatic (bird)

Apparitions (rat)

Rico (parrot)

Prime Time Deliverance (pink bunny suit)

The Inescapable Us (butterlflies)

Invastion 1 (dog)

Fated (fish)

Strange Days (slugs)

Failing the Rorschach Test (rabbit)

Let's Get it On (blackbird)

The Future is X-Rated (monkeys, high horse)

The Fine Art of Falling Apart (bee)

Carmelina (pig)

Truffle Pigs (truffle pigs)

The Fall of Man (sheep)

Under the Influence (pigeon, whitetip)

The Rat Who Would be King (squirrel, rat)

Sort of a Protest Song (lion)

Pony Boy (pony boy)

In a World Called Catastrophe (dog)

21st Century Living (deer)

While We Were Hunting Rabbits (rabbits, monkey)

Bright End of Nowhere (mouse)

A Long Way Down (horse)

Alert Status Red (birds)

Buffalo Seven (wolf, lambs, buffalo)

Ex-Pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra (doves)

Big City Life (fish)

99% of Us is Failure (blackbird)

Born Losers (pirhanas)

The Boy Who Could Explode (sheep)

Great Whales of the Sea (great whales)

A Silent Army in the Trees (whale)

The Vancouver National Anthem (snakes, rabbits, carrion)

Hornets (hornets)

Set Me on Fire (elephant)

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My gf knows just about nothing about Matt Good, nor most things rock-related. She listens to pop & hip-hop almost exclusively, at least on the radio (has Hendrix & Zeppelin on her ipod, which is weird). So I just made her a sort of "best of" MG cd to get her introduced. I think I done good. Song list:

  1. Weapon
  2. Load Me Up
  3. While We Were Hunting Rabbits
  4. Apparitions
  5. Hello Time Bomb
  6. Fated
  7. Bright End of Nowhere
  8. Failing The Rorschach Test
  9. A Long Way Down
  10. Tripoli (Rooms version)
  11. Advertising On Police Cars
  12. Born Losers
  13. Suburbia
  14. Put Out Your Lights
  15. Symbolistic White Walls

note: tried to mix up catchy hits & slow stuff. I love "Bright End of Nowhere" & "long way down" & don't like "Sort of a Protest Song" so lick my balls haters lol. Had an extra 2 mins to fill on CD so slapped "Put Out Your Lights" on there. Wanted badly to put "Empty's Theme Park" & "Avalanche" on there but they = 16+ mins total & could fit 2 extra other songs on there instead. Was really hard narrowing down to 15 songs!!

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I would have swapped While we were hunting rabbits for Avalanche ( Isn't WWWHR like 8 min long?). I was thinking about doing a playlist like yours for those who don't know MGs music, However, the one I would make for my wife would be alot different than the one I would make for my teenage nephew.

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