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Things (My Parents) Want Me To Learn To Do (In Winnipeg)

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1. learn to take the bus to go to Forks

2. learn to take the bus to the library

3. take a course on computers

4. something with radio

5. find a place to live independnly

6. see different parts of winnipeg

7. get a job

8. volunteer

9. got to a concert

10. to a museum

11. go to the Y

12. comics

14. night club

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ADAM came to my parents house

good guy

he gave me the brain injury peoples calendar

I see a lot of sugar mommah opportunities

including, but not limited to

baking class

things will get better *knock on wood

"boy, i DON'T know how to make this, can you help me?"

cue: winning smile and warm eyes

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you can remember 14 different things that your parents want you to do, but you can figure out how to do any of them?



i know a professional athlete with MS. remember that before you convince yourself that you're a victim.





man, this is so totally true


we all think we're victims, but really we're all just bitches and different enough to make a heirarchy out of it <////3



o, western world

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