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Any Internet Scams You.....

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fell for?



1. i think first week of facebook, I payed to keep it going

2. i payed to chat with a girl once, who i met later on, and she did not look like her picture showed

3. I posted matthew good(e) autographed album on ebay. got royally screwed over by the buyer.


so what do you got?

thank you, and good night.

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I got screwed over by this gaming thing that came with my comptuer. it said 8 bucks for a month of playing so i said cool I'll do that. little did I know in the terms and conditions that this meant for a year so i ended up paying more than i wanted plus they never asked me to renew my account, they just kept charging me.

I stopped playing after a month because their games sucked so much.

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1. I thought I was chatting with a guy, supposedly in my city, on an online dating website. It turns out he was a scam artist from Africa. He told so many lies, it wasn't even funny.

2. I bought $500 worth of stuff on eBay, and the person sent me absolutely nothing. Nobody at Ebay or Paypal helped me out.

3. I tried to be nice & help a guy out (Tyler Pedrotti, who ran a Matt Good fansite), but he intentionally scammed me out of $100.

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