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Hospital Music Live

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I find that while I do like Hospital Music, in almost every case the live versions of the songs are superior. Anyone else try just making a playlist of Hospital Music songs from the Live At Massey Hall album?


1. Champions Of Nothing

2. A Single Explosion

3. 99% of Us Is Failure

4. Born Losers

5. Odette

6. Black Helicopter

7. I'm A Window

8. She's In It For The Money

9. True Love Will Find You In The End


Total time: 49:37


I like all of the playing way more, and the songs have more of a true "Matthew Good" vibe in the live incarnation I find. Plus it cuts out the bunk on that album and makes for a great listen. And decent drumming! Ghost notes and fills make everything better.


I also specifically cut Devil's In Your Details because the live version is way too damn slow. Too bad because I love that song.


I tried to make it as close to the "album order", but haven't given it enough thought on how to make it more streamlined haha. It's been a while since I listened to the actual album since discovering this. Anyone else try?

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This is somewhat off topic, but do you know where I can find some live shows, I've tried the old matt good hub, but it has probably been extinct for a long while now, I know there's tons of shows out there, but google has not been my friend... any help on this?

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The live version of Champions of Nothing is just amazing, especially towards then end where he gives it that final push of energy that's missing from the studio version. I It sends shivers up my spine when I listen to it!

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