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Local Beer

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fredericton has a couple actually, circulating, but the one from the "greater fredericton area" (i'm sorry) is picaroons. microbrewed, i suppose is how you say it? being like 10 000 litres a batch? friggin delicious, but they do lend themselves to my being concious of my sugar intake, mind you

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I like a couple from here in the London area.


Forked River Brewing has a few good varieties.  I know they're in a few local LCBO stores.  My other new favourite is Railway City Brewing, in St. Thomas.  I love the Witty Traveller.  There's a new place in town, Toboggan Brewery, that I have to get down to try.


Overall, I think it's a great thing, this resurgence of beer.  I still prefer rye to anything else, but I love to try it all.

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I live out in Abbotsford (AKA, the boonies to Vancouver folk) and we have a couple of great little breweries. My favourite is Raven, but Old Abby Ales is not too shabby is you like belgian style (and they usually have all sorts of wacky beers on tap.... usually over 20 at a time of their own creations! Every time I go in the place there is like 12 new ones on the board). Any day now we are getting a new one as well (Field House Brewing), which sounds super promising. Exciting times

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