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Dan #2

What I Will Not Be For Halloween

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in retrospect, i'da gone as osama in '01






i was joking that, last halloween, i was going to go trick or treating in whatever i had worn that day, and when anyone asked what i was supposed to be, i'd tell them "a child molester" - but i figuresd it would be horribly un-funny to a - tell that to someone who had been molested or b- to let alone be known as "that guy"







i think mario would be fun, if it weren't as played-out

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hahahaha i know these 'indie' guys in my towne who play shows and shit, using a giant chevy van from the 70's




i keep wanting to paint a bunch of bristolboards with the words "free candy" and tape it to their van at night(be it parked in a parkinglot or at their place)

but i keep telling myself "that's farther than even i'd go"


"a bunch", so as to afford replacements whenever the 'first' is removed

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