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My Matt Good Amplifier Adventure

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As some of you might have remembered, Matt put some of his gear up for sale a couple of years ago. Among these items were his Tone Master Fender amps used from the beautiful midnight era until Avalanche, then as bass amps for recording onward. As it happens I was lucky enough to buy one of these amps off of him, and thought some of the details on the amp might be of use to those who are interested in the gear used by matt over the years.


anoceanpearl was nice enough to go pick up the amp for me from Matt's house, and my parents who were visiting vancouver at the time, brought them all the way back to calgary, so thanks to all of them as well as Matt for the help on the process.



the head in case...



the cab in case...



cleaned up, out of case, with one of my guitars



some hand written lyric note that was taped to the top of the head, I found this when I took the head out of the case, guess the song...



the settings in case anyone is interested and wants to give them a crack...



from what I have read the circuit of the amp is based on older bassman amps, which Jim Marshall used to develop the marshall series of amplifiers later. I have found it can do both sounds well, and has a TON of growl on the gain channel. It also has 3 different settings for power, it was in the middle position when I got it, but no idea if that is where it has been all its life (50w for those interested). If you want to hear what they sound like there are some samples on youtube, I have also heard dave grohl has started using these live, but like matt, I am sure a variety of amps were used in the studio so couldn't point to any one recording to show which is which. You can see it in the weapon video, but it really isn't doing much more than being a prop.

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Very cool. You're lucky. Even your cat is admiring it. lol. Never sell it. It's not everyday you can buy your favorite rock star's personal stuff.


Long time ago, I was close to buying his painting that he auctioned off for charity. So close, but no cigar.

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