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Post lyrics that stand out to you for one reason or another. Here's one that goes a ways back to 'Coming Out in Purple'. It's simple, but it's true, and it's not something people are too keen to speak about so it struck me.


"we, we are accountable for our own actions by the way

we have to answer for it, answer for it

we, we're gonna answer for it

for once you're gonna answer for it"

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There was a topic like this before but it was a couple of albums ago I think, so I will contribute what lyrics I really like :)


"Down came your blackbird to suffer in my arms"


"My other self is a mansion, just living in this one until it goes cold"


And probably my favorite lyrics of all time:


"I dreamt last night I saw you

A single spark explosion negotiating with the dead

By the bright lights in some ICU on my chest you put your head

And said 'there you are, there you are, there's my heart'"


There are a lot of songs that I feel don't have any single stand out lines but as a whole are incredible, like Prime Time Deliverance and Sort of a Protest Song.

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A few came to mind when reading the original post:


"Never thought I'd live to see the day I'd be afraid of little kids playing in the streets"


"Good morning beautiful - I've waited all my life - To watch you breathe in, stand up and decide - To set something, anything on fire?"


"But live like slaves to die like kings"

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"I'm like that one about a priest who walks in a bar, orders a drink, and then finds God in savage company."


"Your forgiveness ain't a neighbourhood that I'm looking to live in"


"Somewhere around the world someone would love to have my first world problems."


"I'm on fire but all ice on the outside."

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