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Let's Raise Some Money For The Cmha

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Unlike most musicians that have been around a while, I’m not really in the business of amassing gear. I spent a lot of years looking for a few very specific things, but for the most part I’ve tended to pick things up here and there that I needed at the time but weren’t required long term. For example, I have three ES335’s. My ’81 is my favorite, followed by my red ’98. I also have a sunburst from the same year that sonically sits between the two, and therefore doesn’t get used on the road anymore, and hasn’t been used in the studio since I recorded Vancouver. For the last tour I acquired a second US telecaster that was needed for the road but that I have no use for now – when it comes to telecasters you could literally offer me a mint condition ’53 in exchange for The Wizard and I’d turn your down. Sure, it’s an early ‘90’s US telecaster that, to most, is nothing special. But it’s the first electric guitar I ever bought, have used it on every record since Underdogs, played live since I began playing electrically, and is simply the best sounding, most diverse telecaster that I have ever played or heard – which is why I call it The Wizard – and I’ve been fortunate to play a lot of pretty magnificent telecasters in my day. Sometimes, you just get lucky when you walk into a music store and buy something off the floor.


Ten years ago I had guitars and amplifiers coming out of my ears. Too many to keep track of. These days, I use two 335’s, my ’64 SG, my Tennessee Rose, and The Wizard. That’s it. Five guitars. While that might seem like a lot to some, I know people with upwards of 100 guitars, and used to own upwards of 20 myself – not including acoustics.


I was sitting in my office the other day talking to my tech and we thought that it might be cool to auction off the sunburst 335 and the US telecaster with half the proceeds going to charity – my choice being the Canadian Mental Health Association. The last guitar that I sold in this fashion was a ’66 Mustang, which went for current market value. This time around, especially with regards to the sunburst 335, which is far superior in quality to the 335’s that Gibson’s turning out these days, I’m not going to allow current market value to enter into the equation. The guitar was used all over The Audio Of Being, Avalanche, White Light, Hospital Music, and Vancouver, so it’s not just ‘some guitar’. It’s the primary guitar on Man Of Action, Tripoli, Carmelina, and a laundry list of other songs. It also played most of those songs live over the years as well.


When I got the guitar it was worth $3,300 dollars new. That said, I’m going to start the bidding on it at no less than $4,000 dollars. That’s $2,000 dollars to the CMHA. I’ll sign it, if that’s what someone wants, it includes the case, etc. Whatever I have connected to that guitar, it’ll come with it.


The telecaster, on the other hand, is a newer instrument, so I’ll start the bidding on that at under half the cost - $500 dollars.


Now, beyond the guitars I have two very special pedals. For those that know about the original Moogerfooger pedals, I actually have one of the 1000 original analog delay pedals, which are highly sought after. I also have the original 12-stage phaser. I’ll part with both of them starting at $1,500 bucks. The one thing to remember about these pedals is that you DO NOT want to use them live, or cause them serious wear and tear harm. Mine are in mint condition and have only ever been used in the studio – once.


Place your bid by emailing it to [email protected]. Please do no bid if you’re not serious, and do not try and engage in bargaining. If you’re not in the greater Vancouver area, you’ll also have to cover shipping costs.


Bidding will close end of day May 3, 2013.


Team MG


"Bid Update: $2k for the telecaster and $4k for the ES335. That's $3k for the Canadian Mental Health Association."

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fuck I missed this?


would mg advise me in purchasing equipment, commanding a fee for his time/attention (I assume my musical tastes might exceed in extremes, his, though I'm open to understanding anything reputable), and donate whatever part of that fee he wishes, to Canadian Mental Health Association?


I have a bass but I need pedals and a keyboard/amp and a guitar/pedals/amp.


is this a silly thing to ask? I had no idea this was going on.

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