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Had It Coming Video

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I like the simplicity of it. It going in reverse at the end is neat. Better than typical lame videos where the band is just fake performing for most or all of the video. I never understood what people liked so much about music videos when so many are just that.

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Guest Bimbly

Huge missed opportunity by not having the video end with a guy in a "Matt Good is a Real Asshole" shirt punching MG in the stomach. The quite literal punch line being that Matt Good absolutely did not have it coming.


Or a girl wearing the same shirt kicking him in the nuts. 'Football in the groin'-esque humor is never not funny.



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The video was eh, and the song doesn't really make me want to buy the cd. But I take it as him exploring other music forms and it's kind of poetic/rap like to me. If this is meant to be a representation of the cd I can't say I will like it that much but I will probably buy it and give it a try anyway since I do respect his work buttttt the song and video is not my cup of tea.

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