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Had It Coming (Tab)

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Hey everyone, today I decided to get off my ass and finish tabbing out Had It Coming. I started tabbing it in mid August, knew the guitar part during the verses were a little off, uploaded the tab to Songsterr anyways and never looked back at it until today. Well, I finished the tab now and uploaded a revision to Songsterr (I will provide a link at the bottom of the post). I used the various snippets of song during the recording process that Matt posted on his Youtube as well as just listening to the finished song to help tab it.


I may add a vocal line to the song, but I doubt I will since Matt doesn't really sing a discernible pitch during the verses. Feedback on the tab would be great as I'm just getting into the tabbing world (this is my second full song I have tabbed other than my own songs).


If you feel as though the tab is missing something or is inaccurate somewhere, please tell me and I can try and get it fixed (I wouldn't hold your breath if it involves the guitar part during the verses. That part was a bitch to figure out).


If any of you want a copy of the tab to edit, you can download it by clicking "Submit New Revision" and clicking on the "Current Tab". You will need Guitar Pro 5 or higher.



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I can't really speak to the guitar, but I play the bass parts a bit differently, the big difference being no two note chords. I am pretty certain that the guitar bits in the verse are just layers of palm muted guitars, including the bass and I play just straight 8th notes through the choruses.

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I just rewatched the Day 5 video on Matt's YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiuSy8yL_lU, and you're right. It is a straight eighth rhythm, and I also noticed that I had the wrong A# on the ascending part of the chorus. I've updated the Songsterr tab, but it may take while before it is viewable.

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