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Who out there has a fat music library? I have an unhealthy obsession for hi-fidelity digital audio files. This has led me to creating what is becoming a mighty, fat library.


635 GB of info

44 days music

1311 albums

16401 songs


I only copy an actual pressing of any CD at 44,100Khz, 16-bit in .WAV format. I pretty much just rob people's full stacks of CD's at a time and go to town.


My biggest goal was being able to use it on any player in any capacity while still retaining all of the artist, album, release year, song title and composed by information. I write it into the metadata before it's copied and always (when possible) cross check the liner notes, allmusic.com and wikipedia.


I can put it on a USB drive and play it all on people's car decks. It's boot stompin' good. Just a sample:


(screen shot)


I'm failing at uploading a screen shot...

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Oh, actually it's actually all in .WAVE but are they the same thing? Damn this digital age. It seems most people enjoy .FLAC for HD sound but I find it finicky to load up with different players and it doesn't truly get all the tasty digital info.

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FLAC is loseless PCM. It, by definition, gets all the "tasty digital info".


Anyway, since you are ripping CD's you are sampling at 44.1 and only using 16 bits, which means that audible data was thrown away anyway... 44.1 can only sample frequencies up to 12.5kHz (by Niquist-Shannon) and has a high pass rolloff at 10kHz.


A true audio file would insist on at least 48kHz @ 32bit, but more likely 96kHz @ 64 bit (I'm not actually sure what the bit-width measures would really by... a 64bit DAC is pretty rare)

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Yeah agreed there are superior codec's out there but it was a deliberate sacrifice for the sake of being an almost across the board acceptable format. I wished I could've copied the stuff at 1.0x speed but couldn't find a program or programming trick to rip them that speed and still get the metadata in there so it was all downhill from there, haha. I copy it all with itunes too, but I don't even like the player to be honest, haha. The shuffle I find very predictable. MegaSeg lays the boot down on it. Organizies files well though, so itunes does my dirty work. That is what I'm going for. Easily readable HD files on any player. Just access the portable drive and it's all there nice and organized.

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Copying at 1x wouldn't have made any difference... Well, maybe it would have on old drives. Bit errors are pretty low on modern devices. PCM has not built in EC so you can't detect them.


I suppose another point making is that you could convert to a lossless format like FLAC now. Since it's lossless you can always convert to any other format for sharing.


I'm not even sure that WAVE is really that universal. MP3 is probably more universally accepted (though, lossy).

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235 artists, 740 albums, 7501 songs totaling 55GB. Mostly MP3 256kbs. Used to have more but I couldn't fit it all on my 64GB iPod, so I deleted some for some reason. Having since recently replaced my iPod I can finally accumulate more music.

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