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One 'pop' Song Per Album

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I've noticed all of the solo records have at least one classically 'pop' song, each with a similar cohesion in terms of how it fits on the album (a 'soft spot') and the reaction it elicits in the listener (head bobbing). Every time, every record has that moment! There's a mental acknowledgement every time 'that' track comes around. Maybe it's the tempo overall. Anyone else agree/disagree?


Arrows of Desire (2013)

Hey Hell Heaven


Lights of Endangered Species (2011)

In a Place of Lesser Men


Vancouver (2009)

Us Remains Impossible


Hospital Music (2007)

The Devil's in Your Details


White Light Rock & Roll Review (2004)

In Love with A Bad Idea (and/or It's Been Awhile Since I was Your Man)


Avalanche (2003)

Song for the Girl

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i like them and often think it's where Matt excels. i know that's blasphemous 'round these parts. i prefer his writing with a pop bent. i'm a bad fan.


i don't think 'song for the girl' is the pop moment on avalanche though. and it's definitely 'born losers/i'm a window' on hospital music. i'd also suggest arrows has more than a few.


the exception is us remains impossible. i don't connect with it for whatever reason and much prefer the rest of the record.

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