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Saturdays / Kingswood / UofT/ Wonderland Show ???

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So U of T students only?


Or have we found a way around this yet?


Kingswood is what 8 - 12k?


I just dont see how thats possible?


If anyone has any further info, like how a non student or 3 could get in, it would be greatly appreciated.


Do you think they are just going to / have been selling tickets from the Kingswood box office?


Comments, Questions, Suggestions......

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You probably could get in if you were a relative of one of the students.




Venue: Le Skratch

Location: Oshawa, Ontario

Date: September 16, 2004


Venue: Agricultural Centre

Location: Orangeville, ON

Date: September 17, 2004

Time: 07:30PM

Price: $25.00


Venue: Kee To Bala Muskoka

Location: Bala, Ontario

Date: September 18, 2004

Time: 09:00PM

Price: $32.50


The last two are all ages.



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You probably could get in if you were a relative of one of the students.

Right or by having a friend at U of T, I just see how they could possibly sell enough tickets with U of T alone.


I have the internet, which leads to connections with someone out there at U of T, I was hoping that someone may be able to explain the process more / provide a link.



I see your update, and I may go to one of those, however wonderland is closer, and saturday night is better, Im 26 so age does not apply.....




Maybe something will work out....where are all those backstage passes when you cant just purchase tickets....

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