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Sorry For My Ignorance But...

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I think it's just a random thing they added. They played something very similar in the middle of Load Me Up on the last tour already. I think it really enhances the song. They played it for longer on some of last tour's performances I've heard though, but they added some different touches to this one.

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Thanks! Yes I was referring to the Live Road recording in Calgary. I thought they were playing an existing song. I did hear it on the last tour as well as Manchalivin said. I also heard them play that song and fade it into Walking On The Moon in that part of Load Me Up too on the last tour or the one before. That's why I thought it was an existing song.


It's pretty good, Matt should do something with it! :D

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It's just a really catchy jam. Yeah, they've been doing it since the last tour. I think the best example of it is the Live at the edge version, where Ian Browne kills it. The only think that sucks is the audio quality totally gets diminished right when it starts.


This tour it's usually a couple round of Matt softly picking the chords, and then it's just huge strummed chords to end it.

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