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Influence Matt Had On Your Record Collection

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It just dawned on me the number of records or songs I now own because of Matt. For instance, after LOES I went and got The Colour of Spring, Laughing Stock and Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk (Extraordinary Fades would fit perfectly on Spirit of Eden).


Looking at what I have in my music collection, I have a lot of them:

  • Dala
  • Rooftop by Melissa McClelland
  • Hurt by Johnny Cash
  • The Best of Bob Dylan
  • The Best of Mozart
  • I/O by Limblifter
  • Agoraphobe and Eek it's Halloween by Ryan Dhale
  • Plans by Death Cab for Cutie
  • Best of Depeche Mode, Ultra and Exciter by Depeche Mode
  • Girl in the War by Josh Ritter
  • Death to the Pixies

Anyone else?

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Cool thread.


I believe these are all mine but I could be forgetting something. I had never heard of Talk Talk until Matt mentioned how much an impact they had on him, and I started to appreciate them as I listened more and more and now own these albums thanks to Matt. Did you like those Ryan Dahle songs Tips? If so, you should definitely buy the whole Irrational Anthems CD as the whole album is excellent. Lots of melody and interesting instrumentation and songwriting. It's one of the most unique albums I've ever heard. Anyway, here is my Matt Good inspired collection:

  • Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring
  • Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden (my favourite)
  • Talk Talk - Laughing Stock

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Cool thread.


Thanks ;)


Yes I did like those but never got to listen to the whole album. Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely check it out! My only beef are the strings in Agoraphobe. But Ryan Dhale is definitely a very talented and underrated artist!


Anyhow, I personally prefer The Colour of Spring by Talk Talk. But I remember hearing Extraordinary Fades and thinking of April 5th by Talk Talk.

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Ryan Dahle's solo album is all kinds of fantastic.


Matt's turned me towards a lot of artists that I like, whether they opened for him or he's talked about them:



Melissa McClelland

Gentlemen Husbands

Mother Mother

Explosions in the Sky

Josh Ritter

Afghan Whigs

Talk Talk

Husker Du

Pete Yorn


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Dahle/Limblifter/Mother Mother were all great bands that I was already listening to before MG might have introduced them, but that's just about it. Also, just curious where Death Cab fits in there?


Oh, I totally forgot Thomas Darcy (Small Sins, Ladies and Gentlemen)

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Melissa Auf Der Maur


Dead Surf Kiss

The Spades

Melissa Mcelland

The Dears

Midnight Oil

Rod Bruno (haha not a real choice but hey he's a great guitar player, the best parts of Hospital Music are him)


Those are the bands I have mostly MG to thank for knowing. Mostly just associate acts and bands of past members.


Already loved Limbifter and knew AoE at the time I got into MGB so they don't really count. I still hear people shout "Tinfoil" at Kurt Dahle during New pornographer shows, hahaha. I knew all the 54-40 hits but didn't know it was all them all along. I only got into them after "Yes To Everything" because of Dave Genn...a great album, even greater band.


Yeah, Agoraphobe demo version is just better somehow. Irrational Anthems is a very neat record, though. I saw Ryan Dahle play the whole album except Lion Piano at The Supermarket in Toronto.


*I will one day start listening to "Pavement" sometime as well thanks to MG, but that's also kind of because of Dan Bejar mentioning them and Sonic Youth's "The Eternal" album with Mark Ibold playing on it.

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I think I prefer the version of Agoraphobe with Matt doing background vocals to the album version if I had to pick but I'm fine with how it is on the album as well.


By the way, Limblifter have a new album coming out hopefully in Spring 2014.

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Because of Matt's influence over the years, I have been introduced to a lot of cool songs and records. I became intrigued by some of the bands/artists that he talked about or had some association with at some point in his life, so I checked out a few of the bands live in concert:



Holly McNarland

Todd Kerns

Jeff Tweedy, lead singer of Wilco

Steve Earle

Explosions In the Sky (I bought tickets, but it was cancelled due to the June flood)


Other songs or albums I now own because of Matt:



the majority of the Radiohead albums

Sigur Ros

Talk Talk

Explosions in the Sky

Holly McNarland

The Dears

The Tragically Hip


Foo Fighters


The Tea Party

The Police


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one christmas way back when i got an our lady peace record as well as a matthew good record. this was shortly after matt's comments about OLP not entirely writing their own songs (they had that producer that played a big role) and i felt really embarrassed liking them because matt seemed so much cooler/authentic. so, thanks matt.


no quite what you're looking for but definitely stuck with me. :lol:

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Obviously I didn't mean personal influence as in I would not have listened to this or that if it hadn't been approved by Matthew Good... I meant influence on the RECORD collection... which means you didn't know about a band or never heard a band and the fact that Matt talked about them or brought them on the road made you discover the band... obviously...

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Matt has definately had an impact on my record collection and what I listen to in general. bob Dylan, talk talk, new order, pixies, limblifter, josh Ritter (who is now one of my favourites) ryan dahle and so on. Whenever matt mentions another artist I definately check them out.


I was into them long before hand but it made me smile seeing Matt in the SNFU documentary. Never thought he'd be a fan of a skate punk band. Although he's really into dead Kennedy's as well so I guess it shouldn't have surprised me that much lol

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