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Matthew Good Shirts

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Does anyone remember a shirt that was for sale on Maple Music a few years ago I believe that had a gun (or a person mimicking a gun) and it was like the barrel was supposed to be broken? Also there was a shirt with a tank that had a broken barrel. If anyone has pictures or knows where I could find pictures of either of these shirts it would be much appreciated.

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I have a very badly faded shirt that is similar - it's a man trying to stand up with an oversize rifle on his back. The decal part of it is pretty worn down, but I'll take a picture of it tomorrow. I am pretty sure I also have one of the patches with the tank on it. I will have to do digging around, and if I find it, will also take a picture of that.

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You could also check the Web Archive. They've been pretty good about archiving Matt's store on MapleMusic.


I didn't look very far, but I saw one version of the tank shirt here (from 2007):



(Edit: Having said that, the pictures might not be big enough to be useful.)

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That's awesome. Thanks a lot for finding that. How do they do that? I didn't find anything on that page but I went back to different dates and found both shirts that I'm talking about. It shows March 26, 2006 for the main one I want. Unfortunately it's too small I think but still cool and I could possibly do a decent shirt of it. I remembered it wrong. Not a broken barrel but anti-gun/war or whatever.




I would still like it if you could find and get big pictures of your shirt/s Ocean.

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