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Moody Mg Playlist

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I've been working on this playlist for some time now, and after play testing it for the past 3 months I feel like it's finally complete. It is by no means a greatest hits compilation, however, if played straight through, it creates a very melancholy mood as the tunes blend great into one another. I have many Matthew Good compilations, but I have been consistently going back to this one lately when looking for my MG fix and I just wanted to share it with everyone here. I usually listen to it in bed as it helps me fall asleep, and FYI... "Hey Hell Heaven" at the end was placed there with the same idea as a bonus track as it doesn't blend well after "Metal Airplanes". Could some of you put it together, give it a bunch of listens, and let me know what you think? Thanks.



1. Champions Of Nothing 9:33- Matthew Good- Hospital Music

2. Avalanche 7:27- Matthew Good- Avalanche

3. Last Parade 5:55- Matthew Good- Vancouver

4. The Boy Who Could Explode 7:07- Matthew Good- Vancouver

5. A Silent Army In the Trees 5:37- Matthew Good- Vancouver

6. Black Helicopter 4:44- Matthew Good- Hospital Music

7. On Nights Like Tonight 4:24- Matthew Good- Vancouver

8. Near Fantastica 8:01- Matthew Good- Avalanche

9. How It Goes 4:01- Matthew Good- Lights of Endangered Species

10. I, The Throw Away 3:09- Matthew Good- Audio of Being

11. Letters In Wartime 6:46- Matthew Good- Arrows of Desire

12. 99% Of Us Is Failure 5:37- Matthew Good- Hospital Music

13. A Single Explosion 3:02- Matthew Good- Hospital Music

14. Mutineering 5:06- Matthew Good- Arrows of Desire

15. Metal Airplanes 5:42- Matthew Good- Hospital Music

16. Hey Hell Heaven 3:51- Matthew Good- Arrows of Desire

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I did something similar for one of my friends, prior to Arrows being released, but I called it "Matthew Good - Now With More Atmosphere"


Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance

The Boy Who Could Explode


Bright End of Nowhere



A Single Explosion


A Silent Army in the Trees

On Nights Like Tonight

99% Of Us is Failure

Set Me On Fire

House of Smoke and Mirrors

Blue Skies Over Bad Lands

Non Populus


True Love WIll Find You in the End


I will give yours a go in the next few days while I'm at work :)

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You have a lot of tunes on yours that just missed the cut on mine, namely Odette, Set Me On Fire, House of Smoke and Mirrors, and Blue Skies Over Bad Lands. It's also very difficult for me to hear The Boy Who Could Explode without listening to Last Parade before it. Not much on Arrows that could contribute to a "mood compilation" but the ones I've chosen (especially Letters In Wartime) seem to fit nice as they provide a timely jab to the nose when needed (same with Near Fantastica). The tracks that best blend into one another are Champions of Nothing and Avalanche / Near Fantastica and How it Goes / 99% Of Us Is Failure and A Single Explosion / and of course Last Parade and The Boy Who Could Explode.

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