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Matt's Vocal Range

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Does anyone have any insight into Matt's vocal range, what keys his songs are normally sung in and what he is classified as (baritone, tenor etc.)? Just out of curiosity as I sing a lot to his stuff and wanted to know how well our vocal ranges overlapped.

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As far as I know, Matt is a natural Baritone who is able to sing Tenor. He writes in a half-step down tuning on his guitar and likes using open chords a lot, but I don't know of any specific key he writes in more often than others. I don't know his exact range, and I'm not going to go through his whole catalog tp find it, but I know that While We We're Hunting Rabbits is one of his songs that uses the most of his range (including his upper falsetto).


Hope that helps somewhat.

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What about The Rat Who Would Be King?


I think this is the highest non-falsetto note on Matt's recordings, I believe g# or an a, either way, it's up there. Man of action and wwwhr is a step below that (I think fine art of falling apart as well)

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