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Christoffer Haugen memorial thread

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We (some more than others) really busted his balls a lot for some of his posts, but his love of music (MG's in particular) and belonging here made him something of a "mascot" for this place. It is so sad that he won't know the loving impact he had on this small community, but he really did. We all wanted to look out for him. 


From his posts, he was a passionate, warm person who, no matter what venom was thrown at him, continued to always stay true to his sincere, kind personality. It was incredibly refreshing and he will be missed.

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He posted quite a lot here for a good while.  Before Facebook & social media became "a thing" this forum was well populated by members, but several years ago members started posting far less or leaving altogether for whatever reason.  Sodamntired kept this place alive during this time when the Bored wasn't very active anymore, he posted quite a lot, he was a dominant personality here, probably the most active posted here for a long time.  He used this place like a personal blog for himself, his posts were sometimes stream-of-conscious of his personal thoughts, which sometimes didn't make a lot of sense to most of us, which is why some of us sometimes gave him a hard time.  We didn't quite fully understand his disability.  His enthusiasm for Matt's music and this Bored was prolific. His kept this place alive while it was struggling with reduced membership activity.  I didn't know much about him personally. I think I remember him often talking about seeing girls at school he was attracted to and wanted to talk to, at least I think it was him.


Even though some of us gave him a bit of a hard time for some of his stream-of-conscious postings, he was never negative at all.  I don't remember him ever having a bad thing or thought to say to another member here.  He seemed like a really nice guy.


His loss was shocking to all of us because he was such an active presence here.  To be honest I wish I had known more about his disability.  Really glad to hear he enjoyed this place. Good luck with the project.

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