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Looks Like Vinyl Releases Of Back Catalog Are Coming

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A few weeks back MG posted a blog about the possibility of releasing the back catalog on vinyl:




Now, the site's music page says this:





We are currently working on having all studio releases available on vinyl. Check back for updates.




I can't wait.

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I don't actually own a vinyl player, but I intend to get one at some point. I don't think I'd buy every MG album on Vinyl, but if I had to choose one I'd go with either Avalanche or Hospital Music. Very cool that this could be happening.

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This would be great news. I hope Matt took the comments about crowd funding and remastering for vinyl to heart. There is absolutely a market for this, and it can help negate any financial risk he might need to incur to take this project on and do it right.

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Guest Idioteque

I have:

1 Signed Vancouver.

1 Signed Lights Of Endangered Species.

1 Signed Arrows Of Desire.

1 Sealed & Signed Avalanche, and 1 sealed Avalanche im hoping I can get signed at his Vancouver show on the 27th.


Reissues of the rest of his discography would make my life.

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Guest Idioteque

Update from Matt's twitter:


Some back catalogue vinyl is posing problems as some are four records in length, such as AOB. As for vinyl back catalogue - it'll be on the store in the fall sometime. Some select records will be available on tour and signed.

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How many records is the Avalanche vinyl? Audio of Being is only an hour and 4 minutes, Avalanche is an hour and 10.


edit: by 4 records does he mean 2 discs at 2 records per side?

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Guest Idioteque

Avalanche has 2 records, same with Vancouver & Lights.


I think he means 4 sides (2 whole records) which doesn't seem like it would be a huge problem since he's released gatefolds before. But if he means 4 completely separate records then I don't get how that would be possible. My Foo Fighters "In Your Honor" is 84 minutes long and that's just barely on 4 records.


I assume the problems have alot to do with the costs.

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I wonder if the issue is the number of 6+ minute songs on that album. Or if he was hoping to add in some of the session stuff like Pony Boy and All Together.


Though as I look at it, assuming he's mastering for 33 1/3 RPMs, it shouldn't be a problem since 20 minutes per side is typically the advised limit. Here's how it would breakdown according to the song times on wikipedia. Even if he added in bonus tracks, there's no way that runs more than 3 LPs.


LP 1


Side A (Runtime: 15:56)

  • "Man of Action" – 7:01
  • "Carmelina" – 4:16
  • "Tripoli" – 4:39 

Side B (Runtime: 15:04)

  • "Advertising on Police Cars" – 7:08
  • "I, the Throw Away" – 3:09
  • "Truffle Pigs" – 4:47


LP 2


Side C (Runtime: 16:22)

  • "The Fall of Man" – 5:03 
  • "Under the Influence" – 4:32 
  • "The Rat Who Would Be King" – 6:47


Side D (Runtime: 16:02)


  • "Anti-Pop" – 4:08
  • "The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production" – 5:21
  • "Sort of a Protest Song" – 6:33


I'd happily pay more for AoB if that's what it takes to get it pressed. 
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Guest Idioteque



Had to okay the final vinyl layouts for LOTGA, UD, HM. It's in the works ~ mg"

This is the greatest day of my life... until the day I get these on vinyl of course. 

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Guest Idioteque

Vinyl becoming popular again is actually worse for vinyl sadly.


I used to be able to go out and get albums reasonably cheap, but once the industry finds out something is selling they will press records themselves and charge over $50 for what normally would be $20, now you can find records in female clothing stores and stuff. Making vinyl "hip" again made my wallet "empty" again lol.

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Guest Idioteque

One is the Canadian album version.
The second is the rare U.S.A "Greatest Hits" version, which you can tell by words like "Machine Gun" & "Kill" being censored lol. It's weird listening to this one without songs like "I Miss new Wave/Let's Get It On/Going All The Way" and hearing "Deep 6/Apparitions/Everything Is Automatic" instead. Also some of the U.S.A tracks are remastered so they sound completely different than what Canadian fans are used to.


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