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Avalanche Demos?

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I remember in 2004, the demos to some songs from Avalanche, namely Pledge of Allegiance, Weapon, In a World Called Catastrophe and Double Life, were leaked on the Web. Does anyone have those still?


Also, if anyone has the demo version of Non Populus, I'd like to hear it now compared to the final version.



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I just listened to Avalanche off of the Avalanche album right now. I haven't heard that in ages. Wow, that is a wicked, awesome song. It was so well done. It gets even better with age. It was like I was hearing it for the very first time. Matthew Good's music is the best. It is timeless and stands the test of time.  :)

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Speaking of "Avalanche" (and not to threadjack).


I've been *FOREVER* looking for a lossless edit of "Near Fantastica."  I remember it being posted, in a 128kbps MP3 format, years ago but would love to have that track in better quality.  Any and all help appreciated!

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