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Mgb Signed Loser Anthems Poster Plaque

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Hello everyone! I used to be a huge fan of Matthew Good et al back in the day. I was cleaning out my garage and found what appears to be a signed poster/plaque of the Loser Anthems cover signed by Matt and the band.


After thinking about it for a few minutes I can recall buying it at a charity auction in Prince George circa 2003-4. It measures 21 inches by 18 inches, a bit of an odd size. Google is no help and I am not even sure what this would be called so I am turning to you guys for help.







Any help as to rarity, where it came from etc would be greatly appreciated. I am curious at the 082 in the upper left corner. Does this mean they made a hundred of these?



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I don't know much about these things, but I have I seen one go up for around 40$ on eBay once as the starting price. It sold at around 200$, but it was paired with an Avalanche vinyl, so I don't know if it sold for that price based on the Loser Anthems plaque or based on the vinyl.


As for the number, I would assume that there was probably at least 100 in print. It would make sense based on the numbers on the side of the standard Loser Anthems.


Hope that helps :)

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